Code here —> https://github.com/MikeBeradino/HANG_Glitch_Gallery

This was an art work that was produced by the members of H.A.N.G and shown at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

This piece is a pathway for viewers to interact with a glitch bot through their social media accounts. This bot exists as a patchwork of open-source code that scrapes images with the hashtag #2glitch from Instagram and downloads the images for processing. The bot then applies a glitching algorithm to the image and reposts the final glitched image to social media. The work is a nebulous tangle of different media: the code, the bot, the user/viewer, and the social media account. This piece emphasizes the ubiquity of social media in our society today. In this exhibit, we do so by breaking down barriers between the viewer and the institution, making the once intimidating white walls #relatable.

Our HANG Glitch Gallery was shown at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston as part of their Shapeshifters exhibition. It is no longer on display but you can still check out the Tumblr page where the art was uploaded. https://hang-glitch-gallery.tumblr.com