Ras-pi simple startup shell.

If you want to auto run a shell script it is super simple on the pi. Make the shell if you dont know how —-> here Makesure you are in the pi folder 1 $ cd ~ Open up… Read More




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Ras-pi stuff

List of common commands. How to write a simple shell. How to auto run your shell on startup.

create and run a shell

The shell language is a high level programming language. It is more removed from system and memory processes than lower level languages. This basically means that it has¬†commands and functions to perform tasks that would otherwise take a… Read More

Ras-pi common commands

apt-get update: Updates your version of Raspbian. apt-get upgrade: Upgrades all of the software packages you have installed. clear: Clears the terminal screen of previously run commands and text. date: Prints the current date. find / -name example.txt:… Read More